Reiki Teddy

The story behind Reiki Teddy


One Christmas I was given a teddy bear, and I still remember very clearly seeing him in a box with a pink ribbon around his neck.  He was soft and cuddly and as a young child from that day he was never out of my sight.  He was brown and soft and I would cuddle him close to my heart every day – and his name was “Cuddles”.  He resided on my bed, and every night he would be tucked up beside me with his head popping out of the bed covers.


I was very shy and lonely as a child, and was bullied at school.  Cuddles became my confidant, many a night, as a teenager I would sob, cuddling him close.  I do remember on the odd occasion getting very angry and throwing his across my bedroom, but almost immediately would leap out of bed and grab him, apologise and cuddle him close again.  He always seemed to make things right for me.


As I got older, and travelled around Europe and America, he even came with me, hidden in my suitcase.


Many years later, though he had been retired to the shelf in the bedroom (I think my partner at the time thought it strange, as an adult, I was still sharing a bed with a toy), Cuddles was still always there for me. Later, when I had children, and they were poorly, Cuddles would come off his shelf and would snuggle down beside them – comforting them.


I was introduced to Reiki by my wonderful Reiki Master, who explained that we could use objects in which to send distant Reiki to.  It is by holding the object in your hand your intention would be focused more and Reiki could flow through the object to where you intended the Reiki to go.  She suggested a soft toy.  I immediately thought of Cuddles.  Many a night after being attuned to Reiki, I would sit on my bed and send Reiki, using Cuddles as my focus of intention.


When sending Reiki, I call on the Reiki symbols, drawing them either in my mind or physically with my fingers.  I would hold Cuddles and send Reiki and healing to where ever and to whom ever had asked for healing.  A client asked for Reiki at a specific time one day, and I knew I would not be available to do so.  Knowing you can send Reiki out into the Universe and when a person is ready to receive they can tap into it, I “programmed” Cuddles by drawing the Reiki symbols onto Cuddles, almost as if I had “attuned” him to Reiki, and then set a time for the Reiki to be sent.  That evening my client contacted me and thanked me for the Reiki healing that she had received.  She explained she had felt an overwhelming feeling of love as well as healing.


Clients have asked me how they could receive and send Reiki healing, even though they had not been attuned to Reiki.  This got me to thinking that if they had a Cuddles of their own, which has been “attuned” to Reiki, all they would have to do is sit with their Cuddles in their arms, and by using their own intention, could ask the bear to send the Reiki either to themselves or to where it was intended for.  And so Reiki Teddy became into being… people could have their own bear, attuned with the symbols of Reiki, and send or receive Reiki themselves.  The bear could be given to someone, as a gift of love, and the person in return round receive Reiki and love whenever they needed healing just by holding the bear.

Reiki Teddy is based on the original Usui Reiki teachings.



Cuddles is well loved, and love is one of the greatest healers of all time.  The combination of using Cuddles and Reiki for distant healing has been a real focus of my life for many years.


Cuddles turned fifty in December 2016, and though he is a little thread bear around the edges, he remains in pretty good condition.  He still resides on my bed, and to this day, he is regularly used to send love, healing and Reiki.


How to use Reiki Teddy

Each Reiki Teddy has been individually “attuned” with four symbols of Reiki, the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, the Distant Symbol and the Reiki Master Symbol.  Each symbol has been drawn into the Reiki Teddy three times, with the individual mantra’s spoken three times.  The symbols and mantra’s are “sacred” and though can be found easily on the Internet, as part of the sacred traditions of Reiki to which I adhere to and honour, I will not be revealing on this site.


Upon receiving Reiki Teddy, the first thing is to give him a hug close to your heart.  This will activate the loving, healing energies that are held within Reiki Teddy.  Once in your arms, you may just wish to sit for a while holding Reiki Teddy.  You may feel that Reiki Teddy is male or female, you may also receive a name for Reiki Teddy.  Do not worry if at first you “feel nothing”. Reiki is very gentle and often people “expect” a bolt of lightning, clients have often told me that they have “felt nothing” – but on deeper questioning I have asked them “how do you feel” and they reply “relaxed”, “happy”, “content” – this is Reiki – they have in fact felt something.


When you are ready to receive Reiki, hold Reiki Teddy in a way that is natural to you.  Some people like to hold Reiki Teddy in their arms, other people may just want to sit with holding Reiki Teddy on their knees, or you may even wish to lie down.  Whatever way suits you, and feels natural to you, then go with the flow.  Breath in slowly three times, this helps to clear your mind and helps you to focus, then say gently to yourself “Reiki on”, then sit back, relax and enjoy.  You may wish to sit for a few minutes or for 20 minutes.  If you find your mind is full of thoughts, give yourself your own mantra to say over and over, for example “I allow Reiki to flow within me” or “I feel loving energies and Reiki flow around and through me”.  Saying a mantra often helps to keep your mind focused on Reiki. When you have finished your Reiki session, breath slowly three times, say gently to yourself “Reiki off” and bring your focus back to the room.  Some people like to say “thank you” afterwards – this is as some perceive Reiki as a gift and upon receiving a gift they like to give thanks.


When you are ready to send Reiki to someone, remember you cannot force Reiki onto anyone, they must be ready and willing to receive Reiki.  Where ever possible, if you are sending Reiki to a person, ask for their permission first so they would be open and willing to receive.  If the person is unable to be asked directly, the Reiki may still be sent and as and when the person is ready to be open to receive they will be able to tap into the Reiki.  Prepare yourself as before, sit comfortably and relax and then say to yourself “Reiki on”, and then imagine the person to whom you are sending Reiki to, some people like to hold a picture of the person, this will help with the focus of intention of Reiki, some people like to think of kind and happy thoughts of the person and once you have the image of the person in your mind say to yourself “I send Reiki and love to (……) and may they be open and happy to receive”.   Once you have finished sending Reiki – this may be for a few minutes, 20 minutes or longer, you may wish to say “Reiki off” and then afterwards my wish to give thanks.


If you wish to send Reiki to a past event to be healed or to an event that is about to happen, for example perhaps you were bullied at school or perhaps you have a job interview to go to next week you may send Reiki to that situation.  Prepare yourself as before, holding Reiki Teddy, and when ready take three slow breaths and say to yourself “Reiki on”.  Then have in your mind the situation you wish to send healing to, and imagine the situation surrounded by Reiki and love.  You may wish to say to yourself “I no longer allow the situation to harm me” or “I imagine an excellent outcome” depending upon the event you wish Reiki to be sent.  When you are ready and wish to close down the Reiki session, breath slowly three times and say “Reiki off”.  Some past events may need a few sessions of work as they are deep rooted in you, and some past events may cause brief emotional upset – this is part of the healing process – but remember the event is in the past and it can no longer cause you physical effect.  If you wish, you may say thank you for the Reiki.


A very popular way of using Reiki Teddy is when you are sleeping.  Have Reiki Teddy close by in the room and as you get into bed, ask Reiki Teddy to send you Reiki and love while you are sleeping, and whilst you are sleeping Reiki will be sent to you.  In the morning you may wish to thank Reiki Teddy for the healing you have received while you slept. 


Like most things, the more you practice sending Reiki and love, the easier it becomes, becoming a natural process.  Reiki Teddy has been attuned with Reiki and so will always have Reiki within him so will not need to re-attuned with Reiki again.

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