What is a séance?


The word “séance” comes from the French word for “seat”, “session” or “sitting” from the Old French seoir “to sit”.


In terms of modern day meaning, séance is an attempt to communicate with spirit.  People use a séance to communicate with a person / loved one who has passed over, but a séance can also be used to connect with angels, guides, spirit guides and ascended masters etc.


The main way in which one communicates with spirit is via a message board (Ouija board), but this is not necessary, having an object on the table and asking spirit to move it, having a candle lit and asking spirit to move the flame or having a bowl of water and asking spirit to cause the water to move in response to a question are all effective ways of communicating with spirit.


The people gathered should be open to communicate with spirit, this will help the séance to be powerful (even having just one sceptic or one person who thinks the whole séance is silly will cause the energy of the séance to weaken).  A séance is built upon the collective positive energy of the participants (sitters).


Prior to the séance the sitters should have an idea of whom they wish to communicate with and have prepared questions, preferably with a “yes” or “no” response.  There is no guarantee that spirit will come forward on the day of the séance, as like people, some day’s spirit may wish to talk and on other days spirit does not wish to talk to anyone.  Sometimes you may get another spirit come through instead, for example you may wish to communicate with grandmother and grandfather may come through instead.



Running a séance


Prior to the commencement of the séance the room will need to be prepared.  The séance does not need to be conducted in a haunted house, but sometimes if you wish to communicate with a specific person, to help with the connection energy you may like to conduct the séance in their home – but this is not necessary.  To add to the ambience, candles may be lit, quiet gentle music may be played, incense may be burned.


At the beginning of the séance a prayer of protection is offered and a call is given up to spirit to say that you are open and ready to receive messages.  You may wish to call on a specific person to join the circle.


Once connection has been made, ask questions such as “are you with us?”, “do you have a message for us?”  No one should break the circle while the séance is being conducted as the spiritual energy will be lost and the connection will break.  If any of the sitters become distressed or wish to break the circle, then the séance will need to be closed.


The séance will continue as long as answers are being received – this could be for 15 minutes or could be for an hour.  The séance usually ends naturally when the spirit energy eventually dissolves from the room.


When the séance is finished, thanks are given to spirit, a request is made that no spirit becomes attached to the message board or to any of the sitters.  A prayer of closure is often offered.  The sitters are thanks for their participation and if candles have been used these are to be blown out, once everyone stands up the session is formally closed.


Healing Hands Services Séance


An angel message board is used during the séance.  This is a board similar to an Ouija board, but it has been blessed with positive energies, with angelic blessings and the blessings of spirits and guides asking them to protect the board.  A protection has been called upon so no negative entities can enter the board during the séance.


The price of the séance is for a minimum of four people, for each additional person, the cost is £10.  This is for a séance to take place at Healing Hands Services premises in Cardiff, South Wales.  If you require the séance to take place at your own residence, please contact Healing Hands Services directly for a price and booking availability.


There is no guarantee that spirit will come through during a séance (just like calling someone on the phone, if they are not in when you call they will not answer).


People attending a séance must be over 18 and not to have consumed any alcohol or taken any drugs – if they have done so they will not be allowed to take part in the séance and will be asked to leave and no refund will be offered.


Legal disclaimer


It is a legal requirement that I include a disclaimer regarding séance.

In accordance with UK law (and that of several other countries) séances are held for entertainment purposes only.

Séances are not intended to, nor should they ever, take the place of professional services, including but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business and / or psychological services.  If you require advice of any kind you should seek a suitable licensed professional.

I do not give advice during a séance and accept no liability or responsibility for any actions and / or decisions you choose to make based on your consultation with me.  You are responsible for your own life choices and decisions.  Séances are subject to your own judgement and interpretation.

No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy or the séance or connection with spirit.

I do not allow any person under the age of 18 to attend a séance.  No one should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during a séance.  By making a booking you confirm that you are 18 or over and you understand and agree to the terms.







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